Hi and Welcome – We live in the South West of the UK, in the countryside in Cornwall, and nearly have an empty nest.  We are, at long last, tackling the garden and our dream of being greener, more self-sufficient and learning the skills to build our own new home near the edge of the grid.

We’re not experts, but we do enjoy learning from them – Whether they are allotmenteers, homesteaders, preppers or professionals – we love to learn and try things.  2017 was our first full season with a polytunnel or hoop house.  It joins our chickens, ducks, llamas and a huge range of wildlife that we find around us in sunny Cornwall.

Together we build, plant, harvest, repair, bodge, test and enjoy all aspects of country living.  Please join us for recipes, stories and no doubt plenty of mud as we learn how to live, and hopefully fulfil our dream of new house, new home and really rewarding simple life in the country.

Dain and Kay
New Year 2018
Sunny Cornwall